Bavsa -- binaural beat visual analysis tool

bavsa screenshot

This application, released as free software under the GNU GPL v2 for Linux and Windows, is designed to allow recordings that contain binaural beats to be analysed and checked. This has many uses. For one thing, it can be used to check the output of binaural beat software like my SBaGen tool (and all the various others), to make sure that they are working properly. It could also be used to check these recordings after being encoded as MP3s or OGGs, to make sure that this doesn't interfere with the beats. Finally, it can be used to check that commercial products do actually do what they claim they are doing (and believe it or not, there are people out there selling products that don't!)

Note that this isn't quite a point-and-click instant solution for analysing recordings -- you still have to do work to pick out the peaks and to understand what is going on -- but it should make it a lot easier than using other methods, including the binaural analysis tools I included previously on my SBaGen page.

For full documentation, see the README file.

NOTE: The guys at Transparent noticed a problem with BAVSA when the recording doesn't start with silence (or no-beats). I need to get my head around the code again to fix this, but until then, please bear that in mind if you see any permanent 'residual beats' appearing on the traces.

Download binaries and sources

The ZIP files below contain executables for Windows and Linux, and also all the source code. Unzip in a suitable location, and then read the README file for more information. (856K)

donate Donations are welcome, e.g. if you feel this has saved you significant time and effort. However, I'm completely happy for people to use it without payment -- this is freeware, not guiltware.

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