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Updates: Aug-2003 | Dec-2003 | Jun-2007

Update Aug-2003: Check out this excellent interview with Bernard Lietaer (cached in plain-text form here). This guy has an incredibly holistic understanding of money -- it seems to me that he zooms past Stuart Wilde in quite a few respects, if that gives you a perspective -- so, the article is certainly worth a read. He describes two types of money -- the 'yang' competitive up/down money that we are all familiar with, and the 'yin' cooperative across-ways forms of money that are starting to appear all over the world. (By 'up/down' I mean that conventional money spends most of its time travelling up and down in the heirarchical structure of society, i.e. between population and government, employees and employers, consumers and manufacturers, rather than acrossways between people at similar levels, which is what 'yin' money does.)

I understand now that on this page I was originally hoping to get paid in competitive 'yang' money for the cooperative 'yin' services I offer to the world. Hey, I'm not going to dismiss the possibility of generous people sponsoring my efforts now or in the future, so this page isn't going to go away, but I think that the fundamental difficulty may be that cooperative efforts, which cause an across-ways movement of value, often don't cause much up/down movement, so are totally meaningless or valueless from the point of view of conventional hard currency, which is driven by travel in a up/down direction.

My efforts in the world have definitely been cooperative in nature, and you could say that this is somehow orthogonal to the competitive activity and scarcity that conventional currency is associated with. The same applies to all the other free software developers, digital rights campaigners, and so on who are out there busy putting time and effort into their projects.

Interesting, I think. Please read the article above if I have got you at all curious about this -- it covers a whole lot more ideas beyond this.

Also see for some more related material.

Update Dec-2003: I know this page was originally very idealistic, trying out 'radical ideas for funding' and so on, and I did receive money from a several people (many thanks to them!). But somehow things have changed now. It seems that I am not really big enough to change the world in any really significant way through my campaigning efforts, although I have tried pretty hard (e.g. CD campaign, etc). So, now I am joining the rest of the world in its madness and confusion (i.e. joining it instead of trying to fix it) -- but on my own terms and for my own ends. Let's see how this experiment works out!

Update Jun-2007: Well, after more than a year out in Peru (no money), I got a job (Jun-2006) and a wife (Oct-2006). My wife is from Peru, and has sensible ideas for funding (i.e. get a job!). It is good to have someone to balance my idealism. But -- oh no! -- maybe I've sold out to normality! Well, I'm playing the game, but I reserve the right to step out of it at a moment's notice. Anyway, this means that for now I have money, but no free time ;-(.


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