BWView: a fast visual browser for brainwave files:

My BWView tool is a freeware brainwave file viewer for Linux and Windows, designed to get a rapid visual understanding of any recorded brainwave data. It uses a log-frequency scale to put all the different frequency bands in their proper proportion, and it uses an FFT-accelerated complex wavelet convolution as the analysis method, which is a great deal more flexible than the traditional FFT-of-windowed-data approach.

One feature this permits is the ability to change the analysis window-width (expressed in wavelengths) without changing any other parameter of the display. This allows, for instance, an amplitude modulated carrier to be viewed as either a series of pulses, or as a carrier and side-bands, both of which are useful interpretations of the data in different situations.

See the main BWView page for more details on this tool.

This was developed as part of the OpenEEG project -- see my OpenEEG sigvert for more details.

-- Jim