Ken Eagle-Feather's UK workshop, 15-20 Sept 2003

For those seeking more background information or an alternative perspective regarding Ken's current courses, the following text may help. I wrote this message to the [sbagen-users] mailing list before the previous Ken course in the UK, and it provides a brief introduction. If you have more questions, you could always contact me.

It should be noted that my personal interest in brain-wave entrainment and binaural beats (which lead to the development of my sbagen software) came from reading about these techniques in Ken's books.

Subject: Ken E-F visiting the UK, 15-20 September
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 20:07:28 +0100

[...]  I thought I would mention this in case anyone was interested.
Ken Eagle Feather is giving a residential course in the UK this
September (15-20th) in Pembrokeshire, South Wales.  I am going, and
I'm stepping up my use of the 'p-drop' sequence in preparation (up to
level 38 now, 1 or 2 sessions a day).

Background: Ken is a North American guy who got involved with don Juan
Matus (of Carlos Castaneda fame) for some period in the distant past.
He also did a load of work with binaural beats at the Monroe Institute
in its heyday, as a test subject.  He has written a load of books
about Toltequity (i.e. the tradition that don Juan is a part of), and
over the last few years has been giving occasional courses and
workshops in the UK, which is how I've come to be in contact with him.

Personally, I have never got along with his books, but I have
benefitted a huge amount from his courses.  He usually takes a
deceptively relaxed approach, and the group does various exercises and
tasks designed to enlarge perception and work with the fundamentals as
seen from a Toltec perspective, i.e. energy body, adjusting the
assemblage point, walks of attention, dreaming, gazing techniques,
recapitulation, tracking, and so on, and so on.

This particular course is longer than the ones he has given previously
in the UK, and he is focussing on opening up some of the potential of
the energy body.  I can post the course description and details if
anyone is interested.

As a small example of the kind of thing that Ken is able to do (and
how he can help people), it seems clear to me that he can see the
human energy field and its interactions in great detail.  By
recognising what needs to move where, he can help people adjust their
internal state to find and learn to use alternate perceptions of the
world.  This is real to me, I've seen enough weird/impossible things
with him to believe that there is plenty more to learn if I worked on
this hard enough.

Questions on- or off-list are welcome.


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