Ken Eagle Feather workshops in the UK

Update 2009: Ken is now publishing under the name Kenneth Smith, and he has a new website here:

This page contains information on workshops being given by Ken Eagle Feather in the UK (and nearby). I have attended quite a few of Ken's workshops over the years, and I have certainly benefitted from them. I'm also in contact with the people who are currently organising his UK workshop schedule, and so I'm putting this information up on my site in a web-accessible form as a service to those who might not find out about the workshops any other way.

For a little of my own personal view about Ken's teaching, see this page, or contact me directly if you want more opinion from me. For all other matters related to his UK schedule, please contact the UK organiser, Caroline Coleman, whose contact details are below.

The upcoming workshops are as follows, with full details lower down the page:

If you wish to book a place, or if you need more information on these workshops or on Ken's future visits to the UK please contact Caroline Coleman, either by E-mail, or by phone on +44 (0)1264 771210.

Below are the details of these workshops, as provided in the printed leaflet:

One day workshop at Glastonbury in Somerset

Auras and Energy Bodies: Seeing the world of luminous energy

The complete human anatomy includes an energy body as well as a physical body. Our human form exists within a universe of energy as well as material objects. The Aura, or energy field surrounding a person, is the result of the interaction among the physical and energy bodies and the universal world of energy.

In the one-day workshop, you will learn more about this extended anatomy and worldview. In addition, by using auras as a reference point, you will learn how to perceive the luminous world of energy.

You will also:

Date: Sunday 25th April, 2004
Venue: Shekinashram Holistic Centre, Glastonbury, Somerset
Fee: 55 pounds or 30 pounds (concessions); a raw lunch is included
To book please contact Caroline Coleman by E-mail or by phone (01264 771210)

Five day workshop in Co Kerry in Ireland

Living the complete dream of life

This workshop is an experimental approach to understanding the dream of your daily world. As a basis, you will learn exercises, techniques and perspectives to awaken your complete energy body and how your energy body connects with the world at large. By using the elemental world of faeries as a reference to explore this and other dimensions of existence, you will also:

By using the natural energies and landscapes of Ireland -- the quintessential home of the faery world -- you will learn how to free awareness, step into other worlds, as well as claim this world as your own. As you increase your sensitivity to this and other worlds and find your balance between self and environment, you will more fully live the dream of your life.

This 5 day workshop will be held in Ireland at the "Glencar House Hotel" in County Kerry. Glencar offers stunning scenery and traditional warm Irish hospitality. The venue is situated in the heart of the "Ring of Kerry" and is said to offer a unique insight into a culture of a bygone age.

In this workshop we will have the opportunity to imbue Irish mysticism and folklore, with Toltec practices. There will also be a chance to explore the gifts of this emerald Isle, by undertaking field trips to local places of interest.

Dates: Thursday 29th April to Monday 3rd May 2004
Venue: Glencar House Hotel, Co Kerry, Ireland
Fee: 430 pounds (fully residential) of which 50 pounds deposit required on booking
To book please contact Caroline Coleman by E-mail or by phone (01264 771210)

The leaflet also provides the following summary of Ken's background:

Kenneth Smith, known by many as Ken Eagle Feather, has published four books on developing perception, and the Toltec path. Concurrent with his ten year apprenticeship with legendary Toltec teacher of Carlos Castaneda, don Juan Matus.

He later served on staff at "The Association for Research and Enlightenment" which is part of Edgar Cayce Legacy. He was then on staff at The Monroe Institute, funded by Robert Monroe, a pioneer in using sound technology to facilitate the exploration of consciousness.

Ken is currently Vice President of Hampton Roads publishing company. He has taught for over twenty five years and travels internationally presenting lectures and seminars on the topics in his books.

Ken's books

Travelling with Power -- provides stories, perspectives and how-to exercises about exploring the world of dreams.

A Toltec Path -- a one volume overview of the work of Carlos Castaneda. It is a classic in the field of Toltec studies revealing the entire system from theory to practical exercises. It is a users guide to Toltec teachings and was written on don Juan's instruction to elaborate Carlos Castaneda material.

Tracking Freedom -- continues Ken's exploration into the Toltec World, offering more perspective, speculation and exercises.

The Dream of Vixen Tor -- a true story about how the world can turn into an adventure when a person steps into a heightened awareness.