Scramjet for UNIX: Java acceleration for terminal apps

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Hosted on github at, and released under the Apache License, Version 2.0

How it works

Advantages of Scramjet

Using Java and Scramjet for writing command-line tools and terminal applications has some advantages and disadvantages compared to starting a JVM each time or writing in C:

Some features:

Comparison with 'nailgun'

This tool was inspired by nailgun, and has some advantages and disadvantages compared to that tool:

Using as an Eclipse plugin

Scramjet can be built as an Eclipse plugin. When installed in the Eclipse drop-in folder, Eclipse will load it up and then Eclipse effectively becomes a Scramjet server. Normal Scramjet command-line tools run within the Eclipse JVM, with access to the Eclipse classes. This opens up the possibility of writing command-line tools that query or modify the Eclipse data structures, or that automate Eclipse processes. It is even possible to write a curses-style front end to navigate the Eclipse environment.

Writing full-screen terminal apps

Scramjet provides a curses-like library (although obviously with a Java-oriented API) which supports ANSI terminals such as the Linux console, screen and the various terminals for X, including 256-colour support. The bulk of the code is in Java. The only part in C is the code that sets raw input mode, and that detects the terminal size and catches window-resize signals. The interface can be used directly for simple one-page applications, or via the TiledApp interface for multi-paged tiled applications (like editors).

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