Centerpointe disclaimer

I should add that Centerpointe have sent me a sample of their entry-level programme, so I am not entirely unbiased in recommending them. However, I am impressed by what they offer. It seems clear to me that it can help a great deal to be using something that someone else has tested for you. By using a programme, you know that if you follow the outlined procedure, you are likely to get the expected results. You don't have the constant distraction of being able to tinker with the sequences to make them "work better"!

I understand now that my mistake with my own experimentation was not to stick with any one sequence for long enough to really find out what it could do. This would mean using it every day for perhaps a week or more, at least. Also, the effect needs to be subtle to start with, or else you can 'overload' too easily and give up. It is also important to use headphones.

The other big advantage of joining a programme (assuming you can afford it) is that you know you have support if the ride starts to get a little bumpy -- and Centerpointe seem really dedicated to that kind of support. So, that is why I'm suggesting the Centerpointe programme to people who are hoping to use binaural beats for personal growth, and who are willing and able to pay for this kind of thing, but who are not sure enough to create their own sequences.

However, if you are more interested in doing your own experimentation and creating your own sequences, or in using binaurals for other applications, I suggest you go straight ahead and look at my freeware SBaGen tool.

Also, I should add that the Centerpointe links on my site are affiliate links, so I get some cash if you buy something from them. Since I was linking to them anyway, and it makes no difference to the price you pay, this seemed the obvious thing to do -- there is no point in turning down free money. However, if you are not happy with that, you can go straight to their home page by clicking here. Otherwise, please use this link, which tells them it was me that sent you!  ;-)

-- Jim

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