reJAM -- JamCam photo software

For those looking for JamCam drivers, please visit Concord's website. Concord appear to have taken over the JamCam from KBGear who went bust some time ago.

Sorry -- not much came of this project -- it never got beyond prototypes.

I can give you the benefit of my research, though. On Linux, gphoto2 has code that can communicate with the camara via USB and serial. On USB, it is necessary to remove a hack in the code when using later-model JamCams (patch here) -- it seems that the hack was necessary to work around a JamCam bug which was fixed in later models.

The gamma-correction in gphoto2 can't be adjusted, and I don't think much of their mapping from raw pixel data to RGB either (it makes smooth lines in the photo seem lumpy), so I have code which does a much better job there. The TGZ can be downloaded here

If you want to know anything about this code or have any other questions, you can contact me here.

-- Jim

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