Mexico 2000

Here are some pictures from a brief trip I took with my then girlfriend to Mexico for a course with the AVP. Most of photos are mine, but a few were taken by Pamela or Chuck (a guy on the course).

If you're looking for deeper spiritual meaning in all of this, may I suggest the following aspects and associations:

  Water -- Cleansing -- Letting go of old burdens
  Water -- Density -- Stillness -- Infinite Peace -- Silence of Death
  Water -- Fluidity -- Accepting change

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After many years of suffering with rheumatoid arthritis, my grandmother finally got her opportunity to leave it all behind. Always wanting to travel and adventure, but rarely able, her final journey went smoothly, and her ashes were scattered in the sea.
For a fleeting moment, Birmingham looks beautiful.
Strange creatures take over Birmingham city centre, destroying the Bull St hump. The opportunity arises for me to take a trip too, for a couple of intense weeks in Mexico to attend a Toltec course in the jungle, accompanied by my girlfriend at that time -- Pamela. We take the opportunity.
Flying over the Gulf of Mexico on our way to Cancún, the pilot appears to be attempting space flight, but we land without problem.
In Mérida, a shot of Pamela. So much pain I have experienced with this person. And joy too, I guess. This trip just about put the last nail in the coffin of our relationship, though. Any karmic debt I owe to womankind has surely been repaid now.
Something strange in the Mérida Anthropological Museum.
Travelling from Mérida to Villahermosa, we find ourselves suddenly beside ...
... the sea! Amazing! This was just before Campeche, I think.
On the course, we take a trip to the area around the Agua Azul falls in Chiapas ...
... and take a boat across the river.
We walk down through the jungle, past fall after fall ...
... until we reach the lower falls (Bonam-Ha?) where we did some cleansing work with the river ...
... and had a swim.
The falls continue down even further.
This is back at Agua Azul, close to where we stayed the night, and in the area where we jumped from a height into all the pools that were known to be safe.
We return to our home base -- Agua Clara.
Some time later, we take a trip ...
... to Misol-Ha, where we went deep in the caves to sing ...
... and where one by one we jumped from a height of many metres down into a deep part of the lake. To give you some idea of scale -- those dots behind the waterfall are people.
We also visit Palenque, learning to shift our awareness between the modern things and the ancient structures buried beneath. Now I know how to benefit from even the most tourist-frequented ancient monument.
At Palenque again -- that is me up on the temple.
Back at Agua Clara, I couldn't resist taking a picture of Chuck taking a picture.
The river at Agua Clara. We did very many exercises and tasks here in the river, working with the water in many different ways.
Looking downstream. One day we swam downstream as a group for miles, catching a lift back at the end.
The course is complete! As you might guess from this snap of our happy bunch, I haven't told you even 2% of what we actually did on this course. The only way you're going to find out is to take the course yourself!
The group waits for the lift back to the airport, but Pamela and I head off by bus independently.
This is some of the country seen from the bus heading up to San Cristóbal.
What a beautiful strange land. This particular area was full of bowls and dips between the peaks, but with nowhere for the water to go except down through the earth.
In San Cristóbal we caught a glimpse of a children's party up a side alley.
In a park in the centre of San Cristóbal. After spending some time visiting places around San Cristóbal, we head back to Cancún for our flight. Foolishly, we travelled first class, which was like sitting in a fridge all the way. Second class next time.
On the way, we pass this waterfall.
Another shot from the bus. This isn't it, but we actually passed Agua Azul on the way back, to my surprise.
A colourful corner of Cancún. Apart from this, Cancún was good for two things -- getting a cheap flight, and catching a bus.
Waiting to fly back from Cancún.
Part of Cancún's hotel zone from the air -- you've probably guessed where the sea is, but the dark green bit is also water -- the lagoon. You can see the boat-wakes on it.
Back in Britain, feeling the density and weight here again. Trying to keep that Mexican feeling alive! (Actually, the hat was for the restaurant where Pamela worked).

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