Kites on Brighton beach, Jun-2004

kite beach jumping 1
Some guys having fun with a big kite on Brighton beach
kite beach jumping 2
kite beach jumping 3
kite beach jumping 4

Yeah, I forgot to take a picture of the kite they were using, but it was a bit like this one only blue.


Okay, I've been corrected on some technical details -- they are apparently using a Blade III:

btw, the kite surf kite is quite different to the Blade III we use. A
blade is twin skinned witha mesh front and made for traction, while a
kite surf kite has one layer, an airbag to keep its shape and keep it
afloat, and isn't really what you'd use on land at all - it collapses as
it flys overhead too easily, and you'd drop like a rock.

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