Some strange patterns and textures

These are some patterns that I created around the same time as the alien font. They are based around a regular grid of points and lines, with certain lines switched on or off to give each different pattern. I could write a whole lot more about the background to these, but right now I just want to get a few of the patterns up for people to see without spending a lot more time explaining things. This type of pattern is also the basis for the 'fire' effect in the background to the alien game. The following are black and white versions, because they were designed to print on a laser. Click any image to view it as an A4 PDF file. Some of these look really amazing in print, due to the visual effect of the sharpness of the edges of the lines. I do have more patterns, and I would like to create some colour ones as well for display on this site, but some other time!! Incidentally, all these patterns are copyright by me. It would be good to earn some money from these. --Jim





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