teeclub -- command-line "Tee Club" patience card game

teeclub game snapshot

This is a Perl-script implementation of the "Tee Club" patience card game for command-line / text-terminal addicts. It requires an ANSI terminal, and the Perl Term::ReadLine module. It should be easy enough to extend to handle other patience games. I've used "X" for 10, which is convenient (because it is only one character), but not really necessary. You can change this back to '10' in the script if you like and it will still work.

Run it, and type some rubbish to see the game command usage and rules message. If you can't work out how to play from that, you will have to experiment until it makes sense. The game command-prompt also contains the game time so you can see how you are doing. I seem to be getting scores around 15 minutes a game now, with more than half the games solvable. (Sorry, I haven't been keeping stats).

Have fun ...


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