SBaGen and I-Doser

I-Doser uses SBaGen as its binaural beat engine. SBaGen's source code has always been licensed by its author (Jim Peters) under the GNU GPLv2. Up until June 2007, I-Doser was distributed in violation of SBaGen's license. However, an agreement was reached between Jim Peters and I-Doser in June 2007, as below.

Please note that this agreement does NOT mean that Jim Peters approves of I-Doser's use of high amplitude binaural beats to attempt to emulate the effects of recreational drugs -- not in any way. The brain is a sensitive instrument, and binaural beats are best used in a sensitive and conscious manner. There are very many positive benefits that can be gained through subtle use of binaural beats, such as those promoted by CenterPointe through their program, or by the Monroe Institute, or by the sequences supplied with SBaGen. Those interested in other possibilities are encouraged to read some of the sites linked to, or read about and experiment with some of the sequences supplied with SBaGen.

With that said, you may now navigate from this page in whichever direction you choose!

Thanks for reading --

Jim Peters


This is a list of things that I-Doser still have to do before they come into compliance with the agreement below. This section will be deleted when all points are complete.


In June 2007, Jim Peters (SBaGen author) and I-Doser agreed as follows:

Please note that this agreement does not apply to newer versions of SBaGen (version 1.4.4R and above) which have a shared copyright due to substantial contributions from others.


I-Doser supplied several incomplete versions of the source-code for their SBaGen-derived DLL. The code provided so far is included here (less the NCB file which is not really required). The final ZIP is still being tested.

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